Обучение по направлению "Социальная работа"


Мы работаем на основании лицензии, выданной Департаментом образования

и науки г. Москва №040345. Пройдя обучение у нас, вы получаете официальные документы.

Проверить лицензию можно на сайте Рособрнадзора

Как начать обучение?

1. Подайте заявку.

2. К заявке приложите копии удостоверения личности, диплома об образовании, СНИЛС и св-во о смене фамилии.

3. Заключите договор на обучение.

4. Получите доступ в личный кабинет, изучите материал и пройдите итоговые испытания.

5. Получите документ об обучении в эл.варианте, а затем лично или почтой.

Рекомендуемые курсы:


Whether you’re looking to manage a chronic illness or simply want to improve your well being, I am your ally in this journey. I provide a unique combination of expertise to help my clients cope with chronic pain, digestive problems, lack of energy, brain fog, chronic stress, overweight, blood sugar imbalances, anxiety, mood swings and many more. My coaching is all about helping you create your own vision of your optimal health and discovering the best way for you to get there. We will work together to focus your attention on your strengths and Increase your awareness of your body, emotions and choices. I will guide you to notice greater possibilities for yourself, hold you accountable to your goals and support you all the way to success.


Family wellness is my passion. My mission is to partner with parents and guardians whose child is facing a behavioral or functional challenge and help them implement lifestyle changes in order to help their child become calm, attentive, focused and healthy. Together we will work on clarifying values, increasing awareness, setting priorities, brainstorming possibilities and designing positive actions in your home. Health coaching enables parents to gain knowledge, skills and confidence and inspire them to be proactive in changing their family's life for the best.


My clients are located in different parts of the world and one of my goals is to make it easy for them to connect with me and meet their challenges. For people located out of the North East Cost or for people that don't have the time or availability to travel to my office in Cresskill, I offer virtual coaching sessions via a HIPAA compliant video platform. All you need is a computer, a tablet or a smartphone - and we are on! This service designed to help you pull through the coaching process and fit it to your busy day at the office or from the comfort of your own home.